Coozablack’s EP and Radio push!


Contact: Marcus Williams aka (Cooza)
Phone: 8323414205

Coozablack is a Hip Hop/Rock band from Houston that combines strong progressive rock beats, with passionate hip hop lyrics. The band was founded in 2010 by front man Cooza, and is now buzzing strong in the city of Houston due to bass player Remy Barnes, guitarist Dwayne Hunter, and lefty drummer Lee Dave (The Young Phenom).

{The Band’s latest video}”Fall Back”:

The band has shared the stage with Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Vains of Jenna, Houston Hip Hop Legend Lil KeKe and more. Being able to please both a Rock crowd, and a Hip Hop crowd gives the band an edge that has never been seen in music. Each member brings something different to the table which makes for an explosive mixture: The high energy/vision and dance skills of the front man Cooza – Remy Barnes perfection on bass and musical structure – Dwaynes Heavy Metal attitude and riff delivery on the guitar – and Lee Dave’s speed, strength and precision on the drums.

In 2012 the band released its first EP (The Takeover) that they are now pushing and performing off of:

–you can buy the cd direct from the band’s website:–

The EP is a 5 song energetic ride that will keep you amped the whole way through.

Coozablack is strongly moving in the right direction and hopes to gain more radio interviews such as this one:

And the band strives to becoming not only the biggest band out of Houston, but one of the most entertaining bands to touch the industry in a long time.