Come the release of Open Vent Vol. 2, DuBBCity!!! ???


Brooklyn — August 22, 2017 — DuBBCity The streets of Brooklyn aren’t strangers to hip hop. Basically the birthplace of rap, NYC has produced some of the most profound voices of the genre including Jay Z, Beastie Boys, and Nas. One day soon people will be able to add DuBBCity to that ever growing list.

Born with a quick wit and a way with words, it was no surprise to anyone when DuBBCity found his way to rhyming. Growing up on Jay and Biggie’s music, he related and knew that he wanted to create songs that lyrically connected with an audience as well. Which is what he’s done. His single “Go Down” came through in a time in his life when he was rising above a depressing time in his life where he recalls having to find that faith within himself to keep pushing even though the world around him was pushing back hard.

With “Go Down” available now, DuBBCity is working on the release of his upcoming EP, Open Vent Vol. 2. On it, fans will find his beats, his rhymes, and his reality. DuBBCity doesn’t hold back because why should he hide the bad and only embrace the good? He’s about letting it all out so that listeners can take in a well-rounded experience.

Come the release of Open Vent Vol. 2, DuBBCity will continue to push on through like he always has with more music, and performances as both have always come second nature to the Brooklyn born rapper with the quick wit.


Anthony Gerald
1830 Brooklyn
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