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Music is life to Mansfield rapper

Sunday November 13 2011 3:58pm Everyone has different plans in their future but one kid decides that he is going to really pursue his life long dream.Henry “Tiger” Bradley a 17 year old Mansfield Senior High senior says that from childhood he knew what he was put here to do. Be a artist in the hip hop industry, and become legendary.

“Music has always been a passion to me.” says the 17 year old up and coming rapper who goes by the name of “Clutch”.
“The name came from a group of my friends from high school, it was catchy so I just stuck with it…” Said the local rap artist who’s music can be viewed at

“Clutch” is looking to play a big part in building history in the hip hop industry. The upcoming rapper his mixtapes out right now that have his own productions as well as others that have been previously made. Be looking out for big things in the near future from this hot up and coming artist!