Church ov Melkarth: Apex of the Macabre


Contact: Justin Whitney
Phone: 8323178713

HOUSTON, TX – Church ov Melkarth have finally finished their new album over the course of three weeks enveloped in madness, the essence of death, and journeys into the mysteries of the occult.
Some bands claim extremity, and posture, and some bands exploit the visual aspects of ritual as a form of entertainment. Church ov Melkarth surpass them all, rivaled only by the likes of Watain and Secrets of the Moon. The drones and rhythm guitars of their newest work, Varkolak, are a hypnotic journey on the Cabbalistic Tree of Death, with the corresponding frequencies themselves a path working through the Tunnels of Set and back in a representative metamorphosis from man to demon. Fleshed out by rhythmic and ritualistic drums and percussion performed with the bones and smashed in skull of murder victims, psychedelic leads, completed with the tortured screams of a vocalist strung out on insomnia, illicit substances, and questionable physical and mental health, the band transcends traditional music and returns the from a droning black metal act to a realm of refined high art, soon to be released independently on vinyl.

Church ov Melkarth’s live shows only further the band’s reputation for extremity: whether it be through bastardized communions, swirling hypnotic drones making the audience physically ill, vestments drenched in rotting pigs’ blood, or making even proclaimed Satanists exit venues in an uncomfortable malaise of their actions makes them one of Texas’ best kept secrets in the metal underground. Those who have witnessed their live performance know that the band channels forces which, to many, seem unnatural. Their latest performance is scheduled to be in between a screening of The Gate and The Gate II at Houston’s branch of the renowned Alamo Drafthouse on Saturday, February 18 where they are given free range to perform at the height of their extremity.