Chris DeMarco’s ‘Genetic Marker’ Drops

Chris DeMarco’s ‘Genetic Marker’ Drops

New Album from Seasoned Rocker


Atlanta, Georgia – June 20, 2016 – Playing music and touring during the 70’s and the 80’s could not prepare an artist more. It was the time of rock and roll, a shift from the free love ways of the 60’s, bringing with it new sounds and the melding of musical styles and influences. Chris DeMarco was in the vanguard of rock moving from the 60’s, into and through the 70’s, and is here today, still making music as he releases his fifth studio album, Genetic Marker

The majority of the new album was written and performed by DeMarco himself, four songs were co-written with Ken Mazur (Robert Palmer Band). Other musicians who leant their talents to these recordings include; Jim Fielder (Buffalo Springfield, Blood Sweat and Tears and Neil Sedaka), Reggie Dantzler (Cosmic Dust), Brandon Thompson (The Waiting), Ethan Jones, Dave Lamar James, Kelly Lubitz and Dan O’Neill.  The bonus track “Let Him Be The King” was recorded at Larabee Sound in Hollywood in 1974 and features Billy Joel, Michael Monarch (Steppenwolf), Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper Band), Rhys Clark (Alice Cooper Band and Freddy Fender Band) and Jim Fielder.  The resulting product is an album that any fan of classic rock will enjoy.  No two songs sound alike, and all have a story to tell. It is a musical tapestry with influences of blues, reggae, country and pop. DeMarco’s vocals are close and captivating, the melodies and harmonies are inspiring.  Fans of everyone from Pink Floyd, the late, great David Bowie to those who like to lay back with Fleetwood Mac – are a perfect fit for this new release.

DeMarco served his country and was wounded in combat in Vietnam where he was a Recondo LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol). Subsequently, his unit became part of the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment.  From his time in the military through his decades long musical career, his commitment to being true to himself and remaining uncompromisingly honest in his music has never waivered.  “Waltzing in a World Without Love” exemplifies this, a voice speaking out concerning today’s violent world.  Each song is personal and reflects Chris’ journey of love, dreams and war.

Genetic Marker was produced by Dreamco Music and is being released in collaboration with Blank Records.

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Chris DeMarco started his musical career in 1969 with the band North, together with Denny Carmassi (Montrose and Heart) and Jim Alcivar (Montrose).  From then and through the 70’s he bounced back and forth between Hollywood and New York City playing with a virtual “who’s who” of rock and roll musicians, culminating with the formation of his band Riff Raff that was signed to Island Records.  In the 80’s DeMarco moved into composing for radio spots, tv ads and two feature motion pictures.  Finally, in 1994, Chris DeMarco settled in the Atlanta area where he continues to make music to this day.

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