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Contact: Carol Cox
Phone: 604 7638644

SURREY, BC – CC(also known as Carol Cox) has a story as colourful as her aura and personality; One that spans continents journeying from the concrete oasis of opulent Dubai to the diverse melting pot of Vancouver nestled within beautiful, lush B.C. From the moment CC was born, music and spirituality irrevocably intertwined themselves into the tapestry of her life. She even sung her first word at 10 months old( it was ‘plum’ from Boney M’s ‘Brown Girl in the Ring’)! CC has always known that her path was to create music for the world and heal her brothers and sisters from the abundance that flowed from it. At 16, she moved to Vancouver with her family and continued where she left off in Dubai with the arduous cultivation of her talent through songwriting, vocal lessons and dance training. CC’s dedication was rewarded when she realized that she had the ability to create song in different genres. Years of honing art and skill paid off when one of her creations, ‘Wasted’ won the Best of B.C. Artist contest on Virgin 95.3 FM. The single got an incredible amount of radioplay and requests, also earning the Goddess of Zen the opportunity to work with award winning Director Tony Dean Smith. Together they came up with a unique, artistic concept for CC’s debut music video for ‘Wasted’ released in August 2011. This synchronistically set a whole clockwork of amazing events into motion. Next, CC allied with designer Carol Bun, as the official spokesmodel for BUN’s Monr√∂ Swimsuit 2012 Collection, headlining the exclusive event ‘Haute’. She then capped off the summer by opening for platinum recording artist Jay Sean, serendipitously brought about by Universe.

Currently, CC has just finished creating in the studio with her co-writer and musical prodigy, Graham Gomez from ‘Good for Grapes’. Inspired by just about every genre and style from Celtic Folk to Rock to Native Indian Influenced music; Expect song and lyrics with depth and messages. CC’s vision as an artist and spirit is to reach out to souls everywhere: men, women and children of all races and walks of life.. Building unity through community worldwide and hence ushering in a new era of Love and Light! Namaste..

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