Cara-Mel Drops Debut Mixtape

Cara-Mel Drops Debut Mixtape


Baltimore, Maryland – September 22, 2016 – Cara-Mel, whose real name is Dana Lawrence is a female rapper who is currently electrifying the hip hop scene with her debut mixtape hosted by New York’s very own DJ Pluton1c.

Cara-Mel’s debut mixtape, Racial Profile, consist of eight tracks that is a blend of hip hop and Trap elements that focus on minority struggles and the economic imbalances going on in America. Lawrence elaborates, “Communities are getting tired and frustrated with the police, government, financial instability, and lack of employment opportunities.”

Her latest release also demonstrates the versatility of her flow. The songs on the mixtape were written by Cara-Mel. Key tracks on the mixtape include “Back To The Grind,” “No Justice No Peace,” and “Broke.” All three songs contain strong trap influences. “Back To The Grind” and “Broke” express the current economical imbalance that is dividing the world of today. “No Justice No Peace” is a reflection of a country moving backwards. As she states best, “Let your music speak for itself!” Racial Profile definitely delivers as a voice for the people.

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