Buchi Brings Positive Pervasiveness to the Table

Buchi Brings Positive Pervasiveness to the Table

Working on New Reggae Album Now


Ikeja, Lagos – March 15, 2017 – When the fear of Y2K was higher than ever, Reggae artist Buchi was on the verge of releasing his debut. 18 years, and seven albums, later he’s working hard on his latest, Red, Gold and Green.

Coming from a world of education, Buchi has spent a healthy amount of his life in the classroom not only running a Phd program but also teaching English at the University of Lagos. With a song in his heart, he took to music in ‘94 as part of a group but today runs his own label – BigToonz with other artists under it. With that came a cascade of albums from his debut ‘These Days’ to 2014’s ‘I See’. When he started out he set out to release new music every three years and he’s stuck to that schedule without missing a beat, and he’ll continue to stay on track with Red, Gold and Green.

The new album finds a healthy balance between the chill sounds of Reggae and the uplifting mannerisms of Gospel. He notes of Red, Gold and Green, “I find no conflict between the Reggae sound and the message of the Gospel, indeed between any sound and the message of the Gospel. To classify Gospel as a style is wrong. The Gospel is a message and can be delivered in as many styles as the messenger chooses.”

Those interested in learning more about Buchi can reach out via the information below.


Buchi is a Reggae artist who believes the gospel can be delivered in various ways. He’ll deliver that on his upcoming, eighth album – Red, Gold and Green.

BigToonz Music

Official Site: http://buchimusic.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuchiOfficialPage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Buchibwai
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/buchibwai
Reverbnation : https://www.reverbnation.com/Buchi

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