Bookshelf Plans: Bringing Back Rock


Contact: Josh Baker
Phone: 772-538-9458

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA – …And other things.

Now is the time for a change. People are begging for something different in music. It may come as no surprise that bands from our recent past (even ones more distant than that) are beginning to come out of the depths of silence. These bands are emerging because a desire for music with feeling is being felt more and more every day.

Look at some of the major music festival’s line-ups. Notice bands that are stepping back up to the plate to fulfill that demand of good music?

Well, that is what Bookshelf Plans is about. Bringing back that sound we all have missed. Mainstream music has fallen into this weird funk of sounding exactly like the previous song that was played before it on the radio and over-dressed, make-up ridden “rock stars” that these sounds come out of. Bookshelf Plans is here to change that.

Let’s bring back rock the way it should be: Raw, Under-produced, and full of so much feeling it can be felt by those who can’t understand the language of the vocalist.