Bliss aka Bslim hip hops next to blow!!!


Contact: Arsenio Lomax
Phone: 972-513-3539

DALLAS, TEXAS – Babyslim (Arsenio Lomax) was Born and Raised in Longview, Texas by both his mother and father in a family of six. He grew up there for 17yrs then later moved to Carrollton, Texas with his older sister. It was on afta that, with access to the net, and studio access to cakewalk. Inspired by artist like 50 cent and G-unit, Chamillionaire, LIL FLIP, ZRO and Trae, Slim THUGG, Eminem, Dr.DRE, Jay Z, Tupac, and Ludacris. He made his first 4 Mixtapes: Nightmare on Elm Street, Da Dirty Batch, Da Grudge, and Final Destination 1; Later his brother in law aka CEO of Kpent Killa K and sister Trenace started an entertainment company and studio. Several more mixtapes came afta like: FD2, Da Senate his first LP, High Tension, Texas Best Kept Secrets, Childs Play, Da rap Mike Vick 1 and 2, FD3 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre which both are currently going around Da south right now in da thousands! Babyslim is not alone you know every rapper has to have a click or entourage right!! Well Babyslims no different along with him is Co General Bishop, Smurf, BIG LOW and together they all make up TPC SQUAD. Babyslim and 3rd make up NRG as a tag Team (FD3) TPC and Kpent are one of the most explosive movements, so get wit it or get lost — TPC SQUAD!!!!!!! I AM NOW ONE OF THE MOST CONSISTANT ARTISTS IN TEXAS STILL PLAYING THE UNDERGROUND.