Black Onyx and Jade Release ‘Naked’

Black Onyx and Jade Release ‘Naked’


Robersonville, North Carolina — June 27, 2016 — Black Onyx and Jade have released their first R&B album, Naked. Fans describe as polished, authentic and timeless as the record consists of a collection of songs that span over 20 years. Each track tells their own unique love story that listeners can relate to in a variety of ways.

The combination of ballads and mid-tempo grooves do not disappoint as stories in the songs depict love’s highs, lows, bliss and confusion. Listeners will also be drawn to the grown, evolved and unapologetic sexy vocals of Jade and the subtle touches of jazz and neo-soul. Fan favorites on the album include “Complicated” and “Weak Spot,” as it seems everyone can easily relate to these songs and accurately depict portions of listeners own love stories.

The songwriting and vocals is credited to Jade, while the music creation and production falls under the creativity of Black Onyx. Naked is an independently released album and can be found at iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon, Google Play and their website .


Black Onyx and Jade are a musical duo that have been creating for two decades now, and now they have gathered a number of tracks for their R&B debut, Naked – out now.

Black Onyx and Jade
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