Prepare for Big Boi’s ‘Takeover’

Prepare for Big Boi’s ‘Takeover’

New Music from Sin City Rapper


Las Vegas, Nevada – June 24, 2016 – With airplay and shows across the nation under his belt, Big Boi is looking to gain even more momentum with the release of his latest album, Takeover. Always a fan of being the first to hear a hit, he knows what it’s like to create one himself. His music has mass appeal in that it not only resonates with fans from all walks of life, but can also get through to any listener – no matter what’s going on in their lives. He says, “You can put on my CD and however you’re feeling that day – my music can get you in the zone.”

Getting listeners into the zone is what he does best and what Big Boi plans to do with Takeover. Likened to the music DJ Khaled has been dropping in recent years, fans of that emcee with definitely want to get on board with what Big Boi is doing as well. He’s already got fans out in the Kansas City area thanks to laying down foundation and building a base there by playing shows. He’s also played in Oklahoma and Louisiana as well as having been played on the airwaves on Power 93.5 and Q92 The Beat. He’s has regional success, but is aiming at a national level in 2016.

A hardworking rapper who is also planning on getting his record label off the ground simultaneously this year, the sky’s the limit and the limit’s the sky when it comes to this rising star. Those interested in hearing more from Big Boi can check him out online.


Big Boi is a rapper out of Las Vegas with new music on the way in the form of his latest release, Takeover.

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