Animal Train LP Savage Enraged Proving To Be A Hit

Animal Train LP Savage Enraged Proving To Be A Hit

2015 Release Produced and Recorded With Legendary Jack Endino


Austin, Texas – February 21st, 2016 – Fans of 80s hardcore punk, all riffs and message without the frills are raving about Animal Train’s 2016 LP release, Savage Enraged, produced by Jack Endino.

The band, which lives a traditional punk lifestyle, is hitting both the studio and road hard in 2016 to make the most of the success of their latest release.  Led by CJ Atrain’s vocals, Rich Atrain on Guitar, Michelle Chapman on Bass, and Tron Carter on Drums/vocals,

Animal Train loves creating music and performing.

“We break all the rules, and reject set rules and prejudice,” said the band today. “We’re not fashion punk rock stylists, and we are not what you expect when you see us, or go to see us play: we play, and the tables are turned completely around to get our message across to fans and listeners.”

Fans of Animal Train can catch up with the band in 2016 during their South Texas Tour (February 2015) with Worm Suicide, or their East Coast Tour (May 2016) with the Bloody Muffs.

The band is also currently working on a follow up 12 inch to be released sometime in 2017.

Check out their music and find out where Animal Train is performing next here on their website here –


Rich Atrain
Tel: (712) 903-2991



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