Afro-pop Group A2VT Address Plight of Refugees in New Single, “Ghetto”

Afro-pop Group A2VT Address Plight of Refugees in New Single, “Ghetto”


Burlington, VT 05401 — October 20, 2017 — Burlington, Vermont based African musical group A2VT release their latest single with a music video called, “Ghetto.”

The song laments the plight of refugees worldwide, who leave behind the turmoil of their homeland for a better life in the West, only to find the grass not necessarily greener there, while at the same time being grateful for the hospitality. “Born in a ghetto, raised in a ghetto, come to America, still feeling ghetto,” sings Jilib. “That’s a common experience refugees have. Leaving behind poverty-stricken countries in Africa, only still to also find great poverty in a new homeland. It’s a shocking surprise compared to what is taught about life in America.”

The video finds founding members Jilib and MG Man collaborating with five dancers, all who have come to the U.S. as refugees from several war-torn African nations. “We have been rediscovering our musical and cultural roots, yet with a very modern twist,” says MG Man, regarding the pumping electronic track that underlies the vocals, which are sung in English, Swahili and Maay Maay (Somali Bantu language).

A2VT are Jilib (Somalia), MG Man (Tanzania), with dancers Li’l B, Lu Swag, Prince Liv, Dogo Janja and Eric Barigiego.

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Representing Somalia, Tanzania, and The Congo (Brazzaville) and currently living in Burlington, A2VT synthesizes their native African musical and dance roots with Western pop and hip-hop sensibilities. Their songs, performed in up to eight different languages, reflect their journey from Africa to America and celebrate the party that ensues from the collision of two continents.

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