A’dem Delivers a Triad Of Gold

A’dem Delivers a Triad Of Gold

Three Singles Out Now


New York City, New York – May 5, 2018 – He spent a great deal of his career performing in Africa, now this international artist is taking on the states by way of the Big Apple. A’dem already has a pair of albums to his name, three singles out now.

It’s been a cool decade since A’dem dropped his debut, Des Roses dans le Vent (Roses in the Wind). He followed that with Ne M’oublie Pas (Do Not Forget Me) in 2013. With a handful of years between releases, one would figure it was time for something new. They would be right because Already this year A’dem has released a trio of alternative pop tracks to the world; “We’re Traveling in the Dream,” “Crazy Lover in the Street,” and “I Would Like to be Your Soldier.”

The move to New York City has found A’dem switching things up. Currently he is performing acoustically as he searches for the right bandmates to round out his live set. Which he plans on jumping into the vibrant music scene of the city that never sleeps. Those reviewing his music, having him for a performance, or interviewing A’dem can reach out via the information provided below.


A’dem is an alternative pop artist in New York City with three new singles out now.

Abdoulaye Dem

Official Site: http://www.adem3.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/myademmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/adem30114444
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/adem20897
ArtistPR EPK: https://www.artistpr.com/members/abdoulaye-dem/

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