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Phone: 4692681583
Email: theonlyflibeats@gmail.com

ROCKWALL, TEXAS – CJC, better know as Flibeats at the age of 9 was introduced to music production by his older cousin Slick Williams on a popular DAW called “Fruity Loops Studio”. He practiced building loops and creating songs in his free time as a child and after some time he mastered most basic genres such as Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B. Over years of progression, and evolving music, his vision became more clear; CJC began to develop a unique sound that would separate him from many of the industries top producers. His unique sound primarily consists of sounds ranging from “Dirty South” trap attributes, all the way to techno/trance/EDM style music. Bringing these different genres together, the world of Hip-Hop collides with the world itself and together; A new era of music. His music stands out from others and whatever he lacks in diversity, he makes up for in skills and ability. He’s looking to find placements with as many projects as possible.

To hear the latest by Flibeats follow this link: http://soundcloud.com/flibeats