A-Guttah Chicago’s Lyrical Street Soldier


Contact: A-Guttah
Phone: 208-421-5229
Email: aguttah86@gmail.com

CHICAGO, IL – A-Guttah Chicago’s Lyrical Street Soldier – Raw lyrical fire that blasts street truth, Chicago’s very own A-Guttah, spits original hip-hop songs and lyrics that speak his truth and truth of many urban men and women dealing with everyday life. An emerging artist whose hit many stages in the Chicago area including the Paul Hall Center, Pyramid, the Joe River Center and Giovanni’s, A-Guttah has spent the last two years crafting his stage presence and vocal ability. He’s been a featured performer on Chicago Cable channel’s CAN-TV on the Ran and Mo Shows. His artistic mission is to showcase Chicago’s very talented and hard working hip-hop artists in its rarest form. The industry needs to remember and know that Chicago has sprung rap artists like Common, Da Brat, and Twista. With those common names out in the field, it’s easy to forget about the other artists on the grind who also have street credibility, CD sales and excellent stage presence. A Guttah’s inspiration as a young artist started as a young rapper at the age of 9, then transitioned with him writing original material and hitting the stage at age 17. After two years on the hip-hop circuit, he’s been affiliated with such legends as Do or Die. Building on the foundation of Tupac, Jadakiss and The Game, he strives to tell the real and raw truth and prefers to keep the “fluffy material to those artists who want to make quick money. His musical legacy focuses on telling stories of the average man and woman who’s dealing with the not-so-pretty life stories. In the year of 2010 A-Guttah moved to of all places Idaho where he met and eventually partnering up with G-Series INC. owner and ceo Hector Bones Nevarez offically signing with the independant label,becoming part owner as well as becoming a part of the Skeet Team with Yung Skillz and Black Patt. A-Guttah is grinding to take his music back to the days of overall great music that were produced earlier in the game by some of hip-hop legends. The difference between some of the artists today and his music is that his music is laid-back with an “A-Guttah funk indicative of his personality. It’s about life, the hood, partying, and some of his other life inspirations. A-Guttah is not just a local artist, but he’s also working on branching out his work Internationally. With the guidance, development, and management provided by Bling Team’s Vik “Johnny Bling” Vallo and C.E.O Bones, A-Guttah’s future looks promising. “The music is what it is, says A-Guttah and you can hear this urban street soldier’s fiery lyricism by logging on to www.bnicbattlegrounds.com and make that decision for yourself. Follow A-Guttah on twitter.com/aguttah86. This year A-Guttah will release his mixtape KingShit as well as Skeet Team’s release titled #DaKoolAidIzCold. For Booking & More Info, please contact Anthony “A-Guttah” Herron or Hector Bones Nevarez@ 208-421-5229 aguttah86@gmail.com or his manager johnny bling @ 708-296-0256