A.D. Weighs Has Arrived

A.D. Weighs Hailing from Detroit, USA, A.D. Weighs is a charismatic, spontaneous and direct hip-hop artist who set out to create music with an honest and eclectic approach. His sound is very versatile, falling somewhere in between the depth and warmth of old school hip-hop, and the sharp focus and balance of the best modern productions.

A.D.’s affair with rapping goes a long way, back when he first started to impress his friends on the playground with his wit and rhymes. It didn’t take long before he set out to sharpen his teeth, refining his natural talent into a more mature song-writing ability. His musical skills are matched by a great technical knowledge, particularly within the settings of the recording studio.

With an humble and passionate mindset, A.D. is always willing to learn more and keep an open mind; knowing that true creativity is a process of constant evolution. Once your brain stops soaking up new things, you might as well call it a day! Let the music tell you the rest of the story and find out more:

  • Contact: A.D. Weighs
  • Phone: 828-551-8987
  • Email: adweighs@yahoo.com
  • Fletcher, North Carolina

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