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NEW ORLEANS, LA – Inspired by raked out chopper bikes, American muscle cars, and fueled by the relentless Louisiana sun, 4MAG NITROUS is a HEAVY southern truckin’ band from deep in the swamps of South Louisiana. 4MAG’s “Chopper Rock” style of metal was once described as ZZTop meets Motorhead. This heavy truckin’ sound has helped the band gain a very large following throughout the southeast US (by way of shows) and worldwide fans (by way of radio & television).

Formed in January 2000, the band had one mission, to play the truest form of heads down southern metal while bringing in the feel of the bands south Louisiana surroundings. 4MAG has gained much recognition by extensive playing and a full spectrum of media coverage. 4MAG is currently played on 175 radio stations and is heard worldwide by XM/SIRIUS satellite radio.

4MAG NITROUS music is also featured on the Discovery Channel’s series ‘Monster Garage’ along with the compilation CD & DVD for both seasons.
4MAG has also licensed song for A&E’s series ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ and in 2010 signed on with Lionsgate Films to license music in 6 upcoming films. 4MAG has performed on nationally syndicated music television shows such as ‘Louisiana Jukebox’ & ‘SXSW Music Showcase’. In 2005, 4MAG charted at number 17 on the CMJ.

4MAG NITROUS released their second CD entitled ‘Southern Wisdom & Know-How’ in 2010 and has been praised by many reviews and has helped the band gained the recognition as one of the “Most Underrated Un-Signed Bands in the south.