1st fam Album Release

Contact: Larry chambers
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1st Fam releases its first independent album, Blood Thicker Than Mud

Washington DC, May 11, 2013 – 1st Fam has released their debut album Blood Thicker than Mud. The album is available on over 40 retail websites including iTunes, Google play and Amazon.

(Catalog Number: RN196335)


The band’s name, 1st Fam reflects their values; Family comes first for these young ambitious artists. The band is made up of five close friends (Lord Bo, Bam Bino, Lady B, TY da Mayor and Kaos) ALL raised in the Washington, DC area.

Larry (Kaos) Chambers and 1st Fam are well known throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia. They have played at venues such as Pure Lounge, Koffee Lounge, Empire, DC Sound Stage, Island Café, Roses Dream and Twelve Lounge among others. Their music has also been played on local and internet radio as well as radio in Romania. Their live performances have generated buzz from local DJ’s and generated good press for the group (http://djmimdc.com/DJMIM/?p=3305 http://wwsmag.com/updates/kaos-you-should-be-mine/)

Their debut album, entitled Blood Thicker Than Mud has a wide range of music. “We work to create music that is fresh and offers lyrics that our audience can relate to it on many different levels. says Larry (Kaos) Chambers, founder of 1st Fam.