Master your music

 ArtistPR can help you digitally master your music and improve your sound quality through:

  • Equalization & Tonal Correction
  • Compression & Dynamics
  • Stereo Width & Widening
  • Loudness Maximization

You’ll be provided with a high quality file which sounds loud, punchy, clear, and is a vast improvement over the original mix. Order our music mastering service and have your music enhanced by a professional sound engineer.

Why should you master your music?

1. Mastering adds a professional, commercial sound to your songs or album.

All of your favorite albums and bands you hear on the radio have had their audio mastered by a professional mastering engineer before it was sent to CD manufacturing facility. This makes sure that you hear all the CD recordings low-end bass, mid-range, and highs crisply.

2. Audio mastering allows another set of ears to evaluate your audio.
Having another skilled audio technician listen to you recording is always a plus. They can bring a fresh perspective and ideas to your album production. Your recording and mixing engineers spent hours and hours listening to your music, someone who was not present and has a skilled ear can point out and help better the quality of your finished project.

3. High quality music improves your chances of getting a licensing deal.
If you are looking to score a licensing deal, then mastering your music is a must. Music supervisors are more likely to choose songs that do not require more editing work. Songs with excellent production quality have a better chance of getting a licensing deal than music that has been made with low production standards.

4. Digitally mastered songs enhance the experience of your fans.
The ultimate goal of any musician is to have an audience who adores their music. Providing your fans with high quality tracks will improve their experience when listening to your music and keeps them coming back for more.