Artist Interview: Jendelui Wavecage

Talk to us more about your latest release

Nearly 30 years ago, 29 to be exact, I sat in a music appreciation class of a TSIT Associate Diploma of Music (Guitar). I doodled a drawing based on a scene from a movie I had seen years earlier, Young Sherlock Holmes (various cakes and pastries were trying to forcefully get themselves eaten by young Watson). The scene I’d set was an inn, and inside were all the eat-me type cakes and pastries (patrons and staff), and it was a nightclub. It was called, I decided, The Vicious Eat Me Club. I wrote a list of 11 song titles, and that, I decided, would be my album, so I set about making it. I was 17, now I’m 46 and that album has not been made! Its half done, though, so you can hear the potential and cringe at the reality.
Sometimes friends would come up with songs that were so good I had to get in on that, and this song Faces (That Just Never Smile) is one of those. I nearly deleted this, but instead it became my most played track on soundcloud. Its all instrumental (unfinished, I was bashed and robbed, long story, album tracks never finished since 9/10/2014), the bit on the end was off the cuff. I wrote the keyboard solo, rather than played it.



What inspired you to write this release?

The song is one of Tim’s, while Marcus basically wrote the tune, (band: Berko), I tweaked it ever so slightly. I was not going to release this version, which I did in my lounge at home alone with Audacity, guitar and FX pedal for click track, no, I was going to delete it. It was terrible, so I thought. Just for kicks, I mixed in a solo I’d written in Melody Assistant years ago, and it kinda worked, so I deleted other project files instead – at the time I was just starting the Eat Me project and had already run out of space, so until I could save for a bigger drive, I was deleting stuff.

Any plans to release a video?

Yes, this song has a visual story to it. Its about small towns, small lives, problem children, drinking in city dives… its full of imagery. Faces that just never smile – its Launceston, its a picture of our city. The video just about directs itself, imho. I have no money, I just do with what I’ve got. I’d love to help make the video. The video I have made is just placeholder, really, with hard to read lyrics…



Any plans to hit the road?

Still waiting on payment from the last gig, in April, lol! No, I have only an acoustic guitar with no pickup, have to borrow everything.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Well, I don’t. My brand is cheap, my computer science degree was done on a Pentium I 150mhz when Pentium IIIs and IVs were the new thang, I have do make do with less, I recorded some tracks even when I was homeless, you know, I haven’t worked out branding, so far its evolved from the debris left behind from other projects I’ve been involved in, and just, life.

Who have you been listening to lately?

oh lately I’ve been listening to classical music on FM radio, lol, beats traffic,
Well, lately I am listening to songs like Journey of the Sorcerer – The Eagles (its the theme for BBC radio version of HHGTTG, an audio series I been listening to also), and Once Upon A Time in the West, Dire Straits (from Alchemy Live).

Tell us about your passions

Gardening! Cooking! I like to read the writings of Jakob Lorber and associated books.

What else is happening next in your world?

Its raining, the roof is leaking buckets, its coming in to summer – I’d say, at a guess, roof repairs!

Thanks for an awesome interview, Darren!



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One thought on “Artist Interview: Jendelui Wavecage

  1. Lol, hi all, I suddenly got inspired to spend my last $20 on some distribution, and just released the first 5 singles, mostly instrumentals and ambient moody stuff, Faces will be released soon as the artwork is finalised!
    Lookout for these already released singles on your favourite platforms:

    Feature Facade (Instrumental) – Wavecage
    Sitting in a Garage (Instrumental) – Wavecage
    Blind Boy (Instrumental) – Wavecage
    Mud Slide (Instrumental) – Wavecage
    Walkin Down – Wavecage


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