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Dave Thomas

ArtistPR was instrumental in getting the word out for us in new territories. Straight up and easy to deal with, they reached the people that matter!

Dave Thomas, Doomfoxx

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You’ll get a complete 6 Module course containing everything you need to build your own Music Selling Machine designed to get more exposure, reach more of your fans and create a loyal following of music BUYING fans, value $495.

  • In Module #1 The Fan Magnet: You’ll learn how you can actually sell more albums by giving your music away for free. This powerful strategy feeds your Music Selling Machine and multiplies your fan base by attracting your ideal fans.
  • In Module #2 The True Fan Test: You’ll discover the BULLETPROOF formula to turn your fans into paying customers.
  • In Module #3 The M&M Offer: I show how to give your fans what they want, keep them coming back for more and make money doing it. PLUS, I’ll give you PROVEN, “templated,” customer-getting email campaigns that will boost your music and merchandise sales.
  • In Module #4 The Die Hard Fan Upsell: You get the insider scope on creating the ultimate package that your fans will gladly pay for, giving them maximum value and lining your pockets. AND I’ll reveal a powerful strategy that’ll have your fans promoting your music for you.
  • In Module #5 The Fan Newsletter: You get the blueprint for how to use “serialized storytelling” to get your fans to go insane about buying your music.
  • In Module #6 Building The Machine: You’ll get the step-by-step walkthrough to build your Music Selling Machine and put everything on autopilot so you can sell albums while you sleep. PLUS, I’ll give you the exact, highly converting, web page templates that I use so you can get set up and selling quickly.

Jah Bless you ArtistPR You are the ultimate marketing tool for Bands and Independent Artists. This is the best promotional tool for Artists and bands I have seen in my 20 plus years in the music business.

H.R., Lead singer of The Bad Brains (the pioneers of hardcore punk)

You’ll have everything you need to CARBON COPY insider music marketing strategies
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  • Big Bonus #1 (value $295): Industry Database - You’re getting instant access to our entire database of over 28,000 music industry contacts including music supervisors, music publishers, A&R reps, managers, record labels, radio, press, associations, bookings and more… I’ll show you how to use the industry database to quickly find more music supervisors to submit your music to. PLUS --> We’re adding more contacts daily!
  • Big Bonus #2 (value $395): Music Legal Contracts - You’re getting instant access to download over 100 music legal contracts, written by top entertainment attorneys that cost thousands of dollars to create.
  • Big Bonus #3 (value $95): Music Grants Report - There are numerous opportunities to get FREE money through Grants and Scholarships but you have to know where to look. I’m going to give you all my sources and places I go for FREE money.
  • Big Bonus #4 (value $195): Artist Consultation - You get instant music career advice and learn to avoid the costly mistakes and pitfalls within the music industry.
  • Big Bonus #5 (value $95): Music Magazines and Radio - You get my game plan on how to get FREE publicity from music magazines and radio interviews. Learn the insider secrets for getting featured in music magazines and getting interviews live on the air. PLUS – I give you my PROVEN email templates designed to get you a high response rate.
J. Swift

ArtistPR is dope as @%^&, I had no idea there was so many places to promote, market and sell our music. This would be a great tool for any artist or label trying to promote their music.

J. Swift, Pharcyde

I know that the Music Selling Machine will help you sell more albums and even generate a full time income so you can keep doing what you love. AND I want to supercharge your music marketing efforts so...

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  • Unlimited Submissions to Music Licensing Opportunities. We list new opportunities daily! Other companies charge up to $5 per submission. At 1 submission each day, that’s a $150 per month value.
  • Unlimited access to the ArtistPR Press Release Distribution Service (the fastest way to massive publicity for your new single, album or concert) to distribute your press release to thousands of press contacts and music networks each month ($80 per month value). I will also give you my top 11 tips for getting picked up by the news.
  • Band Website Hosting ($19 per month value). You'll have literally everything you need to build your Music Selling Machine and increase your album sales.

And more.

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Billy Rowe

ArtistPR was fast and very effective!! They distributed our Press Release to thousands of music magazines, radio stations & ezines all around the planet!!! We secured an amazing amount of interviews and reviews just by using the services of ArtistPR! If you are looking to be noticed, I highly recommend using ArtistPR to any Artist or Musician out there ! If you are serious about getting your music exposed to radio and press, contact ArtistPR & they will get the job done right!!! Rock N’ Roll!!

Billy Rowe, JetBoy

That's a total value of over $1800.

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  • The Music Selling Machine Blueprint (create a loyal following of music BUYING fans and sell more albums), value $495
  • Music Industry Database (access our entire database of over 28,000 music industry contacts), value $295
  • Music Legal Contracts (download over 100 music legal contracts), value $395
  • Music Grants Report (there are numerous opportunities to get FREE money through Grants and Scholarships but you have to know where to look), value $95
  • Artist Consultation (instant music career advice and learn to avoid the costly mistakes and pitfalls within the music industry), value $195
  • Music Magazine and Radio Game Plan (learn the insider secrets for getting featured in music magazines and getting interviews live on the air), value $95
  • Monthly Press Release Distribution (the fastest way to massive publicity for your new single, album or concert), value $80 per month
  • Unlimited Music Licensing Submissions, value $150 per month
  • Band Website Hosting, value $19 per month

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Dave Aron is who I use when I want to get publicity. They can get you the exposure you need where you need it. They have the contacts and ability to bring an artist or a project to the public with the grandeur that it deserves. Great publicity can make all the difference with a budding or even a flourishing artist - It can set the tone of success for a great project- It can bring a career to the forefront- and it is a key ingredient for the success of any endeavor in the entertainment business. People must know you exist and this is what does for you.

Dave Aron, Engineer to: Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, P. Diddy, U2, Deftones

See you on the inside,

John Macallister

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